This is the second attempt I started a blog and this time is different.

I once had a blog that was not about data science but I was able to write over 150 blog posts and I had a decent readership and people following it and even launched a paid e-book that gave me some money. Not enough for me to do it full time but it was very encouraging and it kept me motivated to keep me writing.

The blog is still up but I have not written on it since 2016 when I finally abandoned it. The blog was about trading, more specifically about trading systems. I did not know but, what I was actually doing, was data science. I completely lost interest in the subject that I once was passionate about. I read a lot of books and was trying out different things but then for some reason this fizzle out and it died.

What I realized is that I loved the analysis and writing and testing the systems, and simulating but I just could not trade and gamble my money.

Eventually I got into data science and also am excited about it and reading and studying tonnes and learning, but I have not been writing and sharing much about it.

About a year ago, or a bit more, I started a new blog and attempt to start writing about data science and sharing my learning. I confess that it was a complete failure.

I wrote 13 posts so far. This is 1 post a month on average. This is just not good. I think a good average to build significant content and get the momentum going is about 1 or more post a week. That is about 50 posts per year and over the years this compounds. If I can keep up with it in 3 years I would have 150 posts. In this very example I would be about ~ 50 posts already.

The reason I failed was that I was not consistent and I was just not disciplined enough and this is the difference from the previous blog. I had the discipline to write almost every day even if I was not filling like.

With this blog, I made the commitment to wake up and write for 30 minutes no matter what and then edit the content to be published at least once a week.

Back to the topic of my post is if I already have a blog with 13 posts why I am starting a new one?

This is an excellent point and the reason is because I wanted to do everything from my text editor and the CLI as I am getting more into software development. Before I was using Word Press, which I think is a great platform.

However, Hugo is pushing me to learn new things, get comfortable with CLI and also teaching me markdown syntax and probably will eventually push me to learn golang. 🖖🏻