I am Pedro Junqueira Full Stack Business Intelligence Data Analyst Scientist

I have been a data analyst and a business analyst for couple of decades, however have not left excel spreadsheets, until around 2016 where I have been focused more on the Data Science Space, which involve more and more computer science and I rarely solve my clients problem using excel nowadays.

Since I started working on the IT side of data I realized that it is not enough only to know statists, EDA and Machine learning to thrive, because if you really want to solve the data problems that organizations face, the rabbit hole is much deeper. What a data professional need, in addition to what I already mentioned goes beyond the Jupyter Notebook space.

In the process of wanting to become a Data Scientist I developed my skills in Python programming enough to experiment being a data scientist for a while (~18 months) and although it was really interesting and the learning was massive I decided that data science is not my thing. For me this is a bit too much for one single person to do as you can read in this blog post.

I Started this blog to write more about my development as a Data Scientist but since I decided this is not a path I want to continue to pursue developing my self I will shift the content of this blog to reflect who I am and want to develop into.

At the moment I want to focus my career development in a more focused niche, which is to be a Business Intelligence Data Analyst focused in the Microsoft Stack. This is something I already am and have experience and I am getting better everyday.

In my personal website I would like to share those 3 subjects that is related to my current focus.

  1. Power BI and Azure Cloud data Products for pipelines and visualization
  2. SQL for querying and ETL
  3. Python for ETL, Micro Services and API development

One area that attract me more and it very challenging is to strive to develop my self to move more towards a Data Engineer/ Data Applications Developer role.